Real Estate Agents Use Combination Locks To Secure Your Home...

Securing Your Home For Showing

Security using a combination lockbox.


Lockboxes are used by realtors to obtain keys for showing your property when you are away. Only your authorized real estate broker should have the combination to your lockbox. Before other realtors are allowed to view or show your home to prospective buyers they must call the listing broker's office and prove that they are licensed North Carolina real estate brokers or salespersons. Each request must be verified by full name, license number, office telephone number, time to show, and time of the request. This request is logged and initialed by the person verifying the information.

Please read the warning below.

The security of the home is the primary reason for using a lock box. In order to minimize the risk of misuse of the lockbox, I recommend against the use of placing the lockboxe on door handles that can be unscrewed from the outside or on other parts of the home from which the lockbox can be easily removed. Since others will have access to your property you should remove all valuables or put them in a secure location. Remebmer, Do not give your combination to anyone.

The combination lockbox has served the real estate industry for many years with only a few issolated incidences of misuse. Following the proper use and precautions will provide beneficial use while minimizing the posibility of misuse.


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